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Thank You for the Great Mulchathon 2010

Thanks to everyone for a terrific job at the clean up this past Sunday. Jack tells us the playground looks better than anytime in the 17 years he's been on the job.

Special thanks to Jason Schultz of Brookside Nursery who led our nature walk. If you didn't get a chance to join us this year, keep an eye out for future opportunities -- the walk was great fun and everyone learned a lot. Jason is also a talented sculptor. View his work at

And also extra special thanks to the City of Albany Department of General Services, especially Asst. Commissioner Dan Dilillo and Supervisor Ed Kindlon for their help providing tools, and of course the mountain of mulch.

Were you energized by the great camaraderie and work on Sunday? If you'd like to help again, we're hoping to pull together a group to attack the purple loose strife that is slowly choking out the cattails at the pond. We made an initial stab at this at the clean up last fall, but there's lots more to do. Read more about loose strife here: If we get enough interested people, we'll plan that for a day in June when the loose strife will be easy to spot, but not yet setting seed. Interested? Contact us at

Also, there's talk of a block part some time this summer, but we need a small group to organize it. If you are interested contact us at

Changes coming to the Path

As a result of the Albany County Soil & Water District grant that BPC facilitated, DGS will be reconfiguring the steep section of the path near the foot of Lenox on the the New Scotland (south) side of the pond. We don't know yet when work will begin, but if you see any activity there, that's what's going on. The new configuration will take a much shallower approach up the hill which will reduce the amount of erosion and make the path easier to walk for all.

Pond Appreciation Day - Sunday, May 16th

Help Spring Clean on Sunday 5/16 from 1 to 3

Please join us as we do some general cleanup. We will also mulch the playground with city provided mulch and do some routine gardening projects including taking out an overgrown perennial bed and trying to save some of our shrubs from invasive bittersweet.

The City of Albany will provide some tools and gloves and lots pf garbage and leaf bags. Please try to bring your own gloves and any favorite tools

Jason Schultz, a local landscape designer will lead a short walk at 1:30 focusing on the meadow area near Raft's Way. Jason will help you learn to identify native wildflowers and other vegetation and talk about what we as a group might do to support the ecology & maintenance of that area.

Save the date for Sunday 5/16

The next pond cleanup day will be Sunday 5/16 1 to 3 pm, weather permitting. Please put it on your calendar now, and we'll let you know more as the date approaches. It should be a great day to get out and work together on our pond. If you are willing to post a few flyers around the neighborhood, please let me know at, we can use the help!

Changes coming to the pond path for erosion control

I'm pleased to announce that the City of Albany has received a small grant from the Albany County Water & Sewer Conservation District for erosion control projects at the pond. These projects will help keep the path on the path, instead of in the pond at each heavy rain!

The biggest change that you'll see is reconfiguring the steep section of the path near Lenox at the south (New Scotland) side. Once the project is complete, the path will take a shallower angle up the hill which will be much better for erosion control - and for folks walking on the path.

With the help of pond neighbor and County Legislator Gary Domalewicz, Buckingham Pond Conservancy identified this source of grant funds, established a relationship with the ACW&SCD and facilitated the development of the grant projects. Thanks so much to DGS for putting together the proposal and to ACW&SCD for granting these funds. We'll let you know as soon as we hear when work is likely to begin.

Successful First Annual Meeting Held Sunday 1/31/2010

Just over 50 people attended the First Annual Meeting of the Buckingham Pond Conservancy on Sunday, January 31, 2010. It was a great meeting full of enthusiasm and ideas! If you missed the meeting, here are the highlights:

  • We reviewed our accomplishments todate. From organizing cleanups, to developing relationships with City departments, to facilitating improvements to the park, we should all be very proud of the accomplishments of the Steering Committee over the past year. You can find a full list here: 2010-1-31-accomplishments2009
  • We passed the Conservancy's first bylaws, available here: bpcbylawsasadopted1-31-2010
  • We elected a slate of officers and directors. Read more about this group here: Proposed Slate
  • We met in small groups to discuss next steps for each of the Conservancy's working groups on:
    1. Membership & Outreach
    2. Water Quality & Pond Ecology
    3. Public Safety & Public Spaces and
    4. History and Research.

    Ideas developed in these groups are available here:

These four groups will be meeting on an ongoing basis to continue the Conservancy's efforts to polish this jewel we call Buckingham Pond. If you are interested in participating in any of these groups, please reach out to so we can get you connected. We need people who are willing to do just one small task every now and then as well as people who can make a more significant time commitment, so please let us know what you can do to help.

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