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Please provide feedback on draft playground design

BPC is making great progress on raising funds and finalizing a design for a new and improved playground at Buckingham Pond.  Special thanks to the Lobo Living Trust, the Massry Family and the Bender Family Foundation for their financial support.

Designing a playground is a tricky balance of providing fun and activity for kids of all ages and abilities within a limited space and with a limited budget.  The playground designer has provided the design shown below and we'd welcome your feedback via email to no later than Sunday, June 11, 2017.  We hope to finalize the equipment shortly aiming for fall installation.

Below you will find three images - two views of how the playground will look, and an image with the location of the new playground shown over the existing site.  Click on each to see a larger view.  There is also a pdf with detailed information about each piece of equipment shown in the images. (This file is 6.44 MB so it may take a minute to download.)  

The draft design includes two separate areas - one designed for toddlers, and one for larger kids.  Each includes its own separate swing area.  The initial feedback from the community was quite clear that families want more swings at the pond!

We believe a refined version of this draft will be achievable with help from the City of Albany - but making it happen will require lots volunteer labor as well.  We will keep you posted as the plans for that are finalized.

And don't forget - if you want to have your family recognized at the pond, and help support the playground in the process, you can put your message on a commemorative brick for $50 (4" x 8") or $100 (8" x 8").  Purchase here:


Felton McLaughlin


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